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Create your own web store/service office


Click "My Redcube Store"

Please fill all information and click "Join Now"

Please check your email inbox and find email "Account Verification"

Create Store

Click "Go to My Store"

There is a six type of stores. You can add your service and products in suitable store.

  • Services
  • Building Materials
  • Building Products
  • Plants and Machinery
  • Tools and Equipments
  • Resources

You can change selected store by click below buttons

Add new item

You can change selected store by click below buttons

1. Service Category and Service Sub Category

You can categorize product or service into two levels.Hence seekers can find their needs easily.

2. Service Name

You can specify varieties of your product or service.

3. Service Image

Upload your best images which describe your product or service. I'll be display as main image in directory.

Please upload only jpg files / Maximum Size: 1 MB

4. More Related Images

Maximum 5 images / Maximum Size: 1 MB

5. Short Description

Brief your product or service using minimum words.

6. Details

Add more details about your product or service and give complete picture on that. You can create attractive text using table, list and other options which in editor.

7. Unit

Unit will be measurement you use for a calculate cost or work done.

8. Unit Price

You can publish your price with buyers to be more attractive and transparent product or service. This is not required.

9. Discount

If you have any discount for this product or service you can put as a percentage.

Please make sure you will remove discount after end of period.

10. Promotional Price

If you have any promotion price for this product or service you can put as a price.

Please make sure you will remove promotion after end of period.

11. Active

You can active/inactive your product or service if you need. If you inactive it'll not display in directory.

12. Create

After "click" create button your product or service available in Redcube main directory.

Redcube team will verify your product or service before publish in directory.