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Vesak Kalapaya

Location: Mihintale 

Event: Pirith Chanting and Alms-giving 


Nenasavbiya is an initiative to lend a helping hand to underprivileged students who are deprived of quality education by empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to face their grade 5, GCE O/L and GCE A/L exams confidently. This initiative is also extended to offer scholarships to the children of Plumbers who excel in their grade 5 scholarship exam.  Every year, the top 5 achievers are selected for the Nenasaviya Scholarship Program. Last year, the program was successfully conducted at Wekada Maha Vidyalaya – Yogiyana, Katukurunda National School & Dankotuwa Girl School.

Nagam Charika

The objective of Negam Charika is to strengthen bonds with stakeholders and Identify key issues on ground and address them. Several teams were deployed to cover all stakeholders including dealers, plumbers and institutions in a pre-defined territory. The stakeholders promised their continued loyalty for the Brand S-lon. 


Location: Sri Natha Devalaya 


Water is indeed one of the most precious resources necessary for the sustainability of life. However, many areas in Sri Lanka do not have adequate drinking water and S-lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. has stepped in on a number of occasions to provide safe drinking water and water tanks to help our community.


The top 10 S-lon Dealers for the year 2017 were acknowledged and rewarded for their excellence and loyalty towards the S-lon Brand at the Dealer Loyalty Evaluation Program which was held recently at Kurunegala. The S-lon dealers from Kegalle and Kurunegala regions were evaluated based on their achievement of goals and continued loyalty for the S-lon brand. The best performers were recognized and rewarded.

Diyasara Student Circle

The Diyasara Student Circle initiative has brought to limelight the latent talents of the students with innovative social solutions to preserve and provide clean drinking water in their respective schools which lack this precious resource. S-lon has given wings to these innovative social solutions by way of financing these projects. This initiative received considerable media attention and was praised by community leaders and intellectuals for making strides to preserve the integrity of our environment and eco system.

In 2016 and 2017 this initiative was successfully conducted in Poramadulla Central College - Rikillagaskada, Wan Ela Maha Vidyalaya - Kanthale, Wetiya Dharmapala Vidyalaya -Hambantota, Kaikawala Vidyalaya -Meemure, Rivisada Vidyalaya - Ussapitiya, and Marapola Madya Maha Vidyalaya - Veyangoda

Denamuthu Sayanaya

'Denamuthu Sayanaya’ construction clinic 2018 was held recently at Nivanthaka Jethiya maha Vidyalaya to assist prospective home builders in an around the north central Province. 

Mr. S.C. Weerasekera, Group Director, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Ltd (TCMOL) and senior officials of TCMOL also present at the inauguration of the clinic.

Building a house in this day and age is a daunting task and many potential home-owners invariably encounter a multitude of problems when constructing a house and good advice from qualified professionals is either too expensive or hard to come by. Therefore, S-lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. in association with News 1st initiated ‘Denamuthu Sayanaya’ construction clinic in 2012, with the aim of bringing together the services of professionals whose expertise are required when constructing a house.

Mr. S.C. Weerasekera, Group Director, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited commenting on this unique CSR initiative stated that “Building a house in the Sri Lankan context is a huge challenge. It is not another place you get basic requirements to live. We need a home. That’s the difference. Building a home of your own is a dream. And a dream is something which is not easily achievable. Everybody has few dreams in their lives. Good marriage, Good home, Good family life. But without a home all these dreams will be shattered.” Stressing on the importance ofobtaining advice and guidance from the right peopleMr. Weerasekera said that “Through this programme we are providing individuals with the knowledge they require to understand the basics of constructing a house. Denamuthu Sayanaya endeavours to guide house builders to fulfill their dreams of building a house of their own”.

Danamuthu Sayanaya

Date: 16th & 17th June 2018

Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm 

Location: Kandy City Center 

All your queries will be addressed at this construction clinic   

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