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CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

Protect your HOME from lightning and current leakage

Protect your HOME from lightning and current leakage.
Use CHINT products today.

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

New 6D 13A Socket + USB

CHINT Super Charger with a lifetime warranty.
New6D 13A Socket + USB (SLS Certified)

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

Bell switch

Knock the door or ring the bell

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT Fan speed controller

How to Control the wind in your room?

CHINT Fan speed controller

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT Light Dimmer

Do you like to keep your home COZY always?
#CHINT Light Dimmer#

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT telephone socket switch

Nothing can beat the happiness of getting to talk with your loved ones after a long time.

Takes away all your stress.

Connect your phone to CHINT telephone socket switch

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

sound sensor switch

How to use a sound sensor switch to your baby's room.

You will be alert when your baby needs you.

The only time it is safe to leave your baby with a sound sensor is when they are in their safe sleeping space..

You can hear your baby cry if you are downstairs or in the kitchen, where you can't easily hear them.

It will help you to keep an eye on your baby from a distance.

Get conntacted to CHINT Switches today.

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT infarade motion sensor switch

Keep BURGLARS out of your home

Tips to be safe

1. Do not mention your vacation on social media

2. Get connected to CHINT infarade motion sensor switch
- works for human body temperature/ shadow
- 5m distance
- can get connected to a alarm system/ lights
- Works during the dark

Call us today for more information.

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CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT TV socket

CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

CHINT TV socket


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