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CHINT Energy (Pvt) Ltd

"Decorate and Protect" your home?

Are you Looking for a total solution under one roof to "Decorate and Protect" your home?

Visit our ‘CHINT Experience Center’ to get the widest range of products for an affordable price.

• Sole Agents

• Lifetime Warranty

• Genuine products

• SLS & International - Certified

• Island-wide Delivery Available

Dream Bathware Enterprises

Full Bathroom Set - Now All Items Only Rs. 60,000

15 years warranty for commode set & 5 years warranty for taps

Inside Home (Pvt) Ltd

ඉතාම ලාභදායි දිගුකල් පැවැත්මක් සහිත වසර 15ත් 25ත් අතර වගකීමක්

ඔබේ නිවසේ කාර්යාලයේ දැනටමත් පවතින ටයිල් කළ පොළොවට හානියක් නොවන පරිද්දෙන් වෙනසක් කරගන්න ඔබත් සිතනවාද?

ඒකාකාරී ටş readmore...

Sivilima Mega Showroom / Sivilima Nugegoda

නත්තල් වාසි!

නුගේගොඩ සිවිලිම මෙගා ප්‍රදර්ශනාගාරයෙන් නත්තල් මාසය සදහා අපුරු වාසි..

සිවිලිම් සෑම වර්ග අඩි 100 කටම LED පැනල් බල්බ් 1 බැගි&# readmore...

TDS Sliva Fabricators (PVT) Ltd

Our Offers

We consider about our clients’ pocket and safety also. That is why we offer some warranty to our clients

A.M.A Builders and Construction

ඔබගේ සොදුරු කැදැල්ල 100% වගකීමක් සහිතව ඉදිකරවා ගැනීමට

ඔබගේ නිවසේ ඇති දෝශ පරික්ෂාකර මරණයට පත්කිරීමට ඇති ගවයකු නිදහස් කර ඉදිකිරීම් කරනු ලබන පළමු ආයතනය.

අපෙන් ඔබට නිවසට GI බට &# readmore...

Dream Bathware Enterprises

New Year seasonal Offers from Dream Bathware

Special Discounts for Tiles, Bath ware and Tap fittings.

*  Bathroom sets from Rs 11,900/=.

* Up to 50% for Tiles. (Floor Tiles,Wall Tiles)

* Up to 30% for Taps.

* Up to 10% for other bathroom accessories.

These offers are exclusively from only Dream Bathware (Pvt) Ltd. -Borelesgamuwa.

Contact -  0114320910 / 0777 700 892

Alumi Art Designers

8mm Glass Shower cubicle Available

With outer Frame Of Aluminum, L Type & Straight Type 

Sliding & Swing Types

Rs 40000.00 Upwards

Ocean Aluminium Fabricator

Ocean Aluminium Fabricators - Kottawa

Contact Us for All your Aluminium Works.

*** Aluminium Doors and Windows.

***Aluminium Pantry systems.

***Partition works.

***Tempered Glass works.

***Aluminium Cladding.


 Tel - 0773664271

Harsha Kuruppu & Company (Pvt) ltd.

Harsha Kuruppu and Company (Pvt) ltd.

                 **** 10% off on ***

Shower Panels, Glass Sets & Cabinet Basin Sets.

Terms and conditions applied.

Cash payments only.

Offer valid till 30 th Aprail 2019.

Nawala & Maharagama Branches.


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    Full Bathroom Set - Now All Items Only Rs. 60,000

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    Titanium Gray shades for VIP Room floors

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