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CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp 222 is a ready to use water based emulsion form release agent designed to provide a high quality finish to concrete surfaces. It is formulated from mineral oils and non hazardous chemicals to produce release properties superior to standard materials. The product forms a thin repellent skin on the moulds surface allowing for easy removal of the concrete

    A premium mould oil specifically developed for harsh conditions in tropical climates where high performance is required. CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp 444 gives excellent resistance to tropical rain and performs well where steel moulds have high surface temperatures. A ready to use liquid which out performs standard mould oils. CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp 444 is an emulsified product based on a blend of selected high quality paraffin solids and oils.

      CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp SSSRRRGGG is a surface retarder gel used to expose aggregate on formed portland cement based surfaces. CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp SSSRRRGGG produces decorative and architectural finishes showing the colour and texture of natural aggregate. CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp SSSRRRGGG is designed for face down work or for application to vertical forms

        CCCooonnnssstttrrriiippp SSSRRRLLL is a liquid surface retarder providing an easy method of obtaining a mechanical key for “Kicker” joints, renders and screeds on horizontal surfaces of freshly placed concrete.

          Corcure 75 is a metallic silicates based curing compound particularly suitable for surfaces that will

            CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 999000 is a ready to use water based curing compound used to prevent water evaporation from the concrete surface. Applied to fresh concrete surfaces CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 999000 forms a continuous film providing a barrier to premature water loss ensuring effective hydration of the cement and no shrinkage cracks. CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 999000 complies with AASHTO M148 Type 2, ASTM C 309 Type 1 Class A, ASTM C309 Type 2 Class A pigmented version, BS 7542, BS 8110 Part 1 Class 6.6.3 (C).

              CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 222000000 is a ready to use clear membrane forming curing compound based on especially selected acrylic resins. When applied to freshly placed concrete CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 222000000 provides an efficient curing membrane which does not yellow. CCCooorrrcccuuurrreee 222000000 may be used as a primer for certain coatings avoiding the need for removal

                Conair is a liquid air entraining agent for use in concrete and mortar mixes. It is used to improve the workability, cohesion, and durability of concrete and mortar by the entrainment of minute air bubbles of controlled size and spacing, uniformly distributed throughout the mix. Conair complies with ASTM C260-81 for air entraining admixtures. It provides freeze thaw protection in cold climates.

                  Cooonnngggrrrooouuuttt AAAiiiddd is an expansive admixture for grouting mortars or concrete. CCCooonnngggrrrooouuuttt AAAiiiddd produces a non shrink grout or concrete

                    Conmix CI is a liquid concrete admixture for use in reinforced concrete and repair mortars. When Conmix CI comes into contact with steel it has an ionic attraction to it forming a protective layer. The CI affinity to metal is greater than water, chlorides and other corrosive materials. Conmix CI provides protection to the reinforcement acting as a corrosion inhibitor extending the life expectancy of the structure. It may be used in conjunction with the Contite crystalline series of products, which provide concrete corrosion protection giving a total concrete protection solution.

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