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Mrs. Nandani Dias

304, Galle Road, Panadura, Sri Lanka.
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Dark green leaves with milky sap, large white, waxy flowers with spreading petals and yellow center, intensely fragrant.

    Beautiful feathered palm, clustering feather palm with slender trunks to 10M high pinnate fronds linear leaflets grey beneath the leaf bases and petioles a showy red.



      Landscaping is the art of manipulating an existing landscape or streetscape for aesthetic or practical purposes. Adding ornamental, edible or other types of plants, changing the existing terrain through interventions such as grading, backfilling, mounding and terracing and construction of structures that are part of modern landscaping techniques is within our scope. Dasuns House Plants while offering comprehensive services encompassing site assessment, hard and soft landscape design and landscape maintenance assists clients to work through essential landscape design considerations to arrive at esthetically appealing and usable spaces for residential and commercial projects.

        Small fragrant flowers, White & Purple, fleshy drooping fruits in yellow colour.

          Tall growing Palm with solitary trunk. Fragrant white flowers, Olive shaped long reddish-orange fruits

            Topped by a terminal crown of shift, deep green, feathery pinnate long fronds.

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                TypePrivate Company
                City Panadura
                Address 304, Galle Road, Panadura, Sri Lanka.