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The Presence Of Yellow Calcite Is Said To Have Ant-Stress Properties And Creates An Aura Of Self-Confidence. It Is Also Said To Bring About Prosperity In The Homes And Offices In Which It Is Used. Legends Say That Yellow Calcite Also Strengthens The Immune System.

    Kahanda Rock


    Kahanda Rock
    Item Code : KR-01

      A Translucent Blue-Grey Stone, Blue Calcite Is Known For Creating An Atmosphere Of Calm And Peace. Blue Calcite Is Famous For Channelling Divine Guidance Is Long Believed To Cure Insomnia. This Mineral Is Generally Used For Outdoor Decor, Specifically For Gardens And Other Areas Of Relaxation.

        Crystal Quartz Is Said To Cleansing And Healing Properties. It Is Supposed To Strengthen One’s Aura And Lowers Fevers When Kept In Close Contact. Quartz Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors In Both Pebble And Chip Form.

          Rose Quartz Is Said To Have Properties Of Emotional Healing And Gentleness. Families Prefer To Have Rose Quartz Crystals For Babies As It Is Good For Infants. Rose Quartz Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors And Has Any Decorative Uses.

            Lava Stone


            Lava Stone Also Known As “Functional Stone" Which Can Be Used Safely In Any Places For Its Low Radiation, Wind Erosion-Proof And Durability, Sound Absorbing And Noise Lowering, Water Absorbing And Air Humidity Keeping, Dizzy Light Avoiding, Etc. In Improving Our Environment And Feelings.The Lava Stone Can Be Used Widely In Outer Wall Decoration, Such As Road, Square Paving, Living District Gardening, Etc. To Meet Our Needs Of Nature, Primitiveness, Simplicity And Classicalism.

              Salt Lamp


              Salt Lamps May Not Be The Negative Ion Generation Panacea They Are Made Out To Be, But We Have Them In Many Rooms Of Our House For Other Reasons. Salt Lamps Are Not A Spectacular Source Of Negative Ions. However, Due To Their Hygroscopic Properties, They May Improve The Air In Other Ways. Besides Offering A Soothing Glow, They Can Attract Pollutants In The Air And Even Help Neutralize The Effects Of Electronics. These Soothing Lamps May Also Help Boost Mood And Energy Levels,

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                    Black (Dry)
                    Item Code : PG 4-6 Cm

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