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Hayleys Pest Management

25, Foster Ln, Colombo 10

Termite Control

Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can invade our home or business. They cause severe structural damage and will most likely ruin the aesthetic of a beautiful house or building if all conditions were made perfect. Therefore, it is important to prevent access to termites into our homes and office/ industrial buildings.
There are various methods available to control termites:

1. Physical barriers
2. Chemical barriers
3. Non- chemical Baiting

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John Piper International Pvt Ltd

No.227/1,Kaduwela Road, Pittugala, Malabe.

Termiticide Replenishment System, Piper guard Plus Rationale

Treating the soil beneath a building is a common requirement in order to protect the building structure and the susceptible material within the building from subterranean termites. However, the conventional ‘pre construction soil treatment’ has limitations for its period of protection due to degradation of termite control chemicals applied under the building. This is more critical in tropical soils. Modern chemicals such as Bifenthrin (Eg: Biflex) are fast bio degradable and may last maximum five years under a floor slab in a country like Sri Lanka. As the chemical protection diminishes, it is necessary to replenish these chemical barriers to obtain further protection. The conventional chemical replenishment is a cumbersome process where chemicals are re-injected to soil through a set of drilled holes on the floor slab. This is called “post construction soil treatment’. The pest control operators use high pressure vertical soil injectors (with approx 15-16mm diameter) to accomplish thi

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    Ceylon Pest control Co. Pvt Ltd

    No. 805/3,Negambo Road,Mabole,Wathala

    Termite Control

    We are not generally worried by termites, but when they pose a threat to structures, the need for termite management becomes our business.

    We specialize in handling the menace of termites effectively and thereby give 100% protection to your residential premises, business establishments and go-downs.

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      Nature Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd

      No.598 Aluth Mawatha Road,Colombo - 15

      Termite Control

      Termite Control

      Termites are considered the number one threat to homes in the Sri Lanka - a risk greater than fire, flood and wind. While termites are not as visible or dramatic as these other dangers, their slow, methodical eating of house frames and support timbers can be very costly.

      Pre-construction soil treatment

      Pre-construction termite treatment is the best way to protect a structure against termite attack and damage. This treatment method involves application of termiticide to the soil before the floor concrete is laid.

      Post-construction soil treatment

      Post construction anti-termite barrier treatment is a process start by drilling small holes a few inches from any wall that has concrete slab attached. Then the chemical is applied through the holes and chemical dispersed under the slab creating a barrier against termites.

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        Action Pest control Pvt Ltd

        No.567, Thalangama North, Battaramulla

        Termites Control

        POST construction treatments are defined to treatments to OLD buildings or for structures which have completed the final grading for the purpose of controlling current termite infestation or protection from future termite infestations. Establishing a comprehensive liquid termiticide barrier after a structure is built its more difficult. The most important factor of the POST construction treatment is continuescontinous termite inspections and audits once a year or for every two treatments.

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          Lankem Ceylon PLC

          No 212 A 3/1, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya

          Ant Control

          One of the biggest problems related to ants in the home is food contamination. Ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which spreads when they crawl in pantries and across countertops h. Only a few species are known to transmit diseases, but finding any type of ant in pantry goods or inside the home is an unpleasant experience that creates nuisances.

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