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A high grade easy to handle integral waterproofing admixture for both waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection using unique nanotechnology to chemically modify the cement matrix by reacting with the cement paste to reduce pore & capillary size. The reaction between Conmix H2O Stop and cement paste produces a non soluble crystalline structure throughout the pores & capillaries permanently sealing the concrete. Conmix H2O Stop is available in two forms liquid or powder.

    Basement, Swimming Pool & Water Tank Waterproofing



      For Light Water Leak Just Plug with Conplug Prepare concrete or rock in ā€œVā€ shape around leak. Remove loose material, clean prior to application of Conplug... Start filling from outside work toward centre of the leak. The material should be held in place & leveled off. With excessive pressure use a wooden plug first & then cover with Conplug or work as below.

        Contite 40 Contite 40 Contite 40 Contite 40 Contite 40 is a clear silane based water repellent sealer which upon application will penetrate into the substrate for long-term protection and provide water repellency by chemically reacting with the substrate. It has a micro particle size to achieve deep penetration inhibiting water absorption into the substrate. When cured it does not alter the appearance of surfaces and being non-film forming will allow the substrate to breathe. It may be used on old or new structures.

          A two part acrylic polymer modified highly flexible cementitious waterproof membrane supplied in kits ready to use for the protection of concrete and mortar. Contite Contite Contite Contite Contite FCW FCW FCW FCW FCW provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, crack bridging ability, and durability

            Contite Flex Contite Flex Contite Flex Contite Flex is a two part polymer modified flexible waterproofing slurry consisting of a liquid polymer as Part A and a premixed powder as Part B. On mixing the two parts together a brush or sprayable smoothe slurry is created which produces a fully bonded waterproof membrane to most substrates

              Contite G900 is a two component hydrogel injection grout with the mix ratio 1:1 to be used as a waterstop system producing an elastomeric gel. It provides an effective means of stopping water seepage and consists of a solvent free material

                Contite ContiteHHH ContiteSeal AC ContiteSeal Mortar ConmixH2O Stop

                  ElastocladHR Elastoclad ElastocladPU

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