About Us

It is a great pleasure to introduce about our new venture in the construction industry. redcube.lk is an interactive e-commerce platform intended to serve especially the construction industry. It is by means a "builders' super store" where effective meeting of construction stakeholders are being made.

We as a team of industry professionals stepped in this project in order to bring the connectivity among the various project stakeholders in the construction industry to the next level. In today's context most of the construction industry professionals have no or less sufficient access to latest materials, products, plant and equipment, services and resources in the industry. This has greatly affect the delivery standards and work efficiencies of present projects.

On the other hand many suppliers and service providers have limited access/ presence in current industrial market. Some may don't have the perfect mean to display their products and services to the intended customers. As a mean of future trend in meeting customers effectively, "online stores/ virtual offices" are becoming more popular in all spheres of industries.

In redcube.lk you can create your own "online store/ virtual office" showcasing all your products/ services in the right way that you want customers to look at it. And it has a dedicated communication channel so that your sales leads will always come to your phone or inbox.

Just feel free to go inside have a look in our "online super store"… we sincerely invite you to reserve your place in it and show your market presence and industry acceptance. If you need any clarification pls. feel free to contact our team on team@redcube.lk or simply give a call to undersign. There are many value additions into the package from our end which you will discover soon after your registration.