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No. 298, Main Road, Attidiya, Dehiwala
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Quick seal ( Pvt ) Ltd is the leading contractor and material supplier in field of specialized civil engineering work. Quick seal ( Pvt ) Ltd is  commenced business in 2004.

We are flexible, innovative, responsive and an entrepreneurial organization. We structure our business around the needs of our customers and provide only those central products and services, which are essential to our growth.

Our business environment is constantly changing. We are committed to creative, innovative, approaches that lead to breakthrough performances. We are always improving.

We value simplicity; we take action. We expect results. We endorse substance over form and quality over quantity, and across organizational lines. We observe uniform accounting practices and prompt disclosure of opening results, with no surprises. We encourage over- achievement.


To bring the benefits of waterproofing material in to every Sri Lankan and providing him /her with such courteous, efficient and friendly service that, it will create a bond, which will continue for generations.


To offer to the customer, Material, Services , and  Equipment of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price, together with the best possible after sales service and efficient and quick customer services Facilities.


Our technical staff and applicators have considerable experience and receive regular training, technical information / update s and appraisals so that the quality is maintained at a high level. Our operations staffs who manage projects are fully committed to their tasks and are technically competent.


We have invested and fully paid for our own office, warehousing, vehicles and equipment. All our assets are fully paid.


Our company is in excellent financial standing and is considered to be a valued customer of our bankers.

Nations Ttrust Bank

Standard Chartered Bank.

Commercial Bank.

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TypePrivate Company
City Dehiwala
Address No. 298, Main Road, Attidiya, Dehiwala