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240, Rajagiriya Road, Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka
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99.993% Purity & high quality of Luvata Copper bus bars, tapes and other products keep you safe against lightning, surges and other power network problems.

We offer the following Earthing and Copper products ex-stock:

Earthing Solutions
Copper Tapes
Meshed (Faraday) Cage – BS & IEC standards
Finial Rod
LUVATA, Malaysia – Our Partner for Earthing Networks and all Copper products

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    Clarion offers ‘Best value for money’ to our customers for 3 decades.
    Now we have teamed up with global giants to offer you a Solar Power System with technologically advanced and time tested solar panels at an affordable price.
    Just look at our partners and their track records, you will agree that they are among the best in the world.

      3 phase induction motors – standard efficiency
      3 phase induction motors – premium efficiency categories according to IEC 34
      Super efficiency category motors exceeding IEC 34 standards
      Induction and synchronous motors from fractional HP to 50,000kW with voltage range from 220V to 13.8kV
      DC Motors up to 10,000kW and voltage range from 100 to 800Vdc
      Fused Disconnectors
      Motor Protection & Starters
      Other Control Products.

        Several features UNIQUE to Franklin France to protect you against lightning

        Complete range of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) conductors (Lightning Protectors) are available to protect any building or space against lightning strikes:

        Active 2D60 (79m Radius)
        Active 2D30 (48m Radius)
        Active 1D25 (43m Radius)
        Active 1D12 (29m Radius)
        Remote tester
        Storm warning systems
        Solar & wind power sources are available on Active 2D30 & 2D60 products

          High quality product, 100% manufactured in Europe and No 1 in Czech, the EU

          We offer the following protection against lightning/surges mostly ex-stock:

          Power Protection – Class 1,2,3
          Protection for IT Networks
          Telecom Protection
          CCTV Protection
          Fire control equipment Protection
          Medical equipment Protection
          Aviation equipment Protection
          Railways equipment Protection
          Photovoltaic Power Systems Protection
          Hakel undertakes to develop Protectors for customer specific applications too.

            95% energy saving from Hippo LED for up to 19 years.

            That’s what good quality LEDs can offer you over normal (incandescent and inferior/inefficient ‘energy saving’) bulbs. However, most LED bulbs available in the Sri Lanka will fail in less than six months.

            Clarion offers the following products ex-stock and also through distributors:

            LED Bulb: 5W – 20W
            LED Power Lamp: 30W – 70W
            LED Ball Lamp: 5W – 10W
            LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
            LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
            LED Downlight – Round / Square: 5W – 15W
            LED Ceiling – Versatile Design: 25W – 50W
            LED Ceiling – Sleek Flat Square Design: 25W – 60W
            LED Roomlight – R/S or Rectangular: 50W
            LED Tubelight: 9W – 20W
            LED Ball Fixture
            LED Light Application
            Take a look at the benefits of HIPPO LED lighting:

            Life-span up to 35,000 hours (19 Years @ 5 hours per day use)
            No. 1 supplier of LED lighting in Korea
            10 years expertise in manufacturing LEDs
            The only LED certified by the Korean Standards Association
            100% Korean made in ‘state of the art’ factories.

              A world leader with 80 years of expertise in saving energy & improving power quality

              We offer a simplified method of managing overall energy consumption even in remote sites with centralised alarms when exceeding threshold values and during malfunctions to reduce waste, improve power quality, thereby significantly saving energy costs.

              Our energy management systems can help any business to reduce their operating costs by metering, documenting, visualising the consumption of utilities and even by shutting down loads.

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