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Sanitaire®'s fine bubble diffuser is comprised of an EPDM
membrane over a flat bottomed PVC disc that serves to support
the membrane, and a PVC clamping ring. This diffuser system can
either be installed on PVC or stainless steel piping for fixed set-ups
at the bottoms of tanks. Typically used for biological treatments, with
its modular design, the Sanitaire® fine bubble diffuser will suit all
different types of configurations of treatment tanks.
Sanitaire coarse bubble diffused aeration is ideally suited for the
applications where tanks cannot be dewatered for maintenance, in
channels and grit chambers where mixing is more important than
aeration, in aggressive industrial applications and in applications
where energy consumption is not the main consideration.
Ceramic discs are often the preferred diffuser for applications that
require durability and resistance to chemical attack, for example
managing aggressive industrial discharges.

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    • Modular, compact design
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Less maintenance owing to patented anti-clogging
    N technology
    • Robust and durable

      Compliant with ErP 2015
      • Dynamic wear ring (only Z8-10-12)
      • Highly resistant to use and abrasion
      • Resistant to corrosion
      • Available in Duplex stainless steel (only Z8-10-12)
      • A choice between oil or water tank motors
      • Easy to maintain
      • Durable
      • Horizontal or vertical operation

        High output
        • Compliant with the ErP 2015 standard
        • Compact design (long frame versions)
        • Easy to maintain owing to its Back-PullOut
        • Sturdy construction
        • Highly versatile owing to a wide
        selection of materials - the best
        solution, irrespective of the liquid
        • Speed variation option with Hydrovar
        • Option for IE4 motors
        • ACS certification

          Impellers available in different materials
          (stainless steel, bronze, cast iron) for
          corrosive liquids
          • High output
          • Energy efficient and reliable
          • Easy to maintain
          • Tandem pumps up to 40 bar (e-SV)
          • Speed variation option with Hydrovar
          • Option for IE4 motors
          • ACS certification

            Comprehensive turnkey skid systems
            • Standalone multi-pump operation
            • Fixed or variable speed with Hydrovar
            • Flexible usage
            • Optimized operational costs
            • Easy to maintain
            • ACS certification

              Dry run detection
              • Analog input (0-10 V / 4-20 mA)
              • Digital input on/off
              • Digital signal output
              • Speed, pressure and immediate pressure reading
              • Provision of an insulation casing for single version

                High reliability
                • Resistance to heavy use
                • Safe operation
                • Easy to maintain
                • Different compositions (cast iron, chrome
                casting, etc.)
                • Modular pumps with several different
                motor and hydraulic variations

                  Patented self-cleaning, anti-clogging N
                  impeller technology
                  • High, constant output
                  • Different types of hydraulics (vortex,
                  channel, N, grinder, chopper, etc.)
                  • Different compositions (cast iron,
                  chrome casting, etc.)
                  • Many different options (voltage,
                  cabling, paint, etc.)
                  • Modular construction
                  • High reliability
                  • Low maintenance

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