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Suranjan Dabare

130A, Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala. Sri Lanka.
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The proposed lamp post design has six main sections related to its function. They are as follows,

• Power generation
• Controller unit
• Power storage
• Lighting source
• Energy saving methods
• Basic structure
• Add-ons

    * Interesting less payback period
    * High Quality products
    * Easy payment scheme
    * Bank loan systems
    * Unbeatable solution for total solution
    * Maximize Customers’ Investment value Use of Best Available Technology
    * Social Awareness at first Honor the Promises & Warranties
    * Maintain the Transparency at any cost
    * Professional Workmanship Simple
    * Durable and Solid Nature Make Renewable Energy Affordable for all

      PV Station Monitoring System

        Solar Power system

          High efficiency(Max.96.3%)
          Reduce shading issues, improve the generating capacity of the whole solar PV system
          AC/DC high frequency isolation technology
          Maximum connection of 14 Micro-inverters
          Adopted electric power carrier communication
          Easy design, Plug-and-play chain installation
          Remote monitor to each module
          integrated ENS function, complied with safety standard,can be connected to grid directly



            Novenatec batteries have an extensive range of 2V,6V and 12VLead Crystal batteries suitable for multiple applications.
            Novenatec batteries also offer a vast range of high performing Lead Crystal products for light traction batteries used for electric applications, such as golf carts, wheelchairs, cleaning equipment, electrical pellet trucks and aerial platforms . A high rate battery range for UPS applications is also available.

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                TypePrivate Company
                City Kohuwala
                Address 130A, Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala, Sri Lanka