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Treating the soil beneath a building is a common requirement in order to protect the building structure and the susceptible material within the building from subterranean termites. However, the conventional ‘pre construction soil treatment’ has limitations for its period of protection due to degradation of termite control chemicals applied under the building. This is more critical in tropical soils. Modern chemicals such as Bifenthrin (Eg: Biflex) are fast bio degradable and may last maximum five years under a floor slab in a country like Sri Lanka. As the chemical protection diminishes, it is necessary to replenish these chemical barriers to obtain further protection. The conventional chemical replenishment is a cumbersome process where chemicals are re-injected to soil through a set of drilled holes on the floor slab. This is called “post construction soil treatment’. The pest control operators use high pressure vertical soil injectors (with approx 15-16mm diameter) to accomplish thi

    Cockroach harborage and breeding areas such as crack and crevices, manholes, gullies, Service ducts and individual garbage chutes etc. are treated with safe public health insecticide while monitoring programme are carried out. We use the
    techniques of baiting, misting, ULV, spraying and pheromone trapping to control the infestations.
    Control of Ants
    Routing residual spray will keep ants away. However, in case of severe infestation, additional baiting will be carried out.

      Rats and Mice cause severe damage to office environment resulting electrical failures, communication and computer breakdowns, structural damage and fires etc. Also they cause a serious health threat to human life, being vectors of deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis. These pests use to invade from neighborhood and breed within the premises in absence of effective pest control programme

        Gas Fumi


        The objective of the fumigation is to create a sealed gas tight environment in to which a sufficient concentration of fumigant gas may be held at a suitable temperature and for sufficient time in order to kill the pests within. Fumigation

          You are aware that mosquito breeding takes place in accumulated water. These micro water pools exist in garden shrubs and as well as in polluted environment artificially created by humans These places should be rid of or treated very frequently with a mosquito larvicide .Mosquito breeding is fast and very frequent treatment or persistent larvicide are necessary to control mosquito larvae. We propose to use environmental friendly larvicide such as Temiphos for control of mosquito larvae.

            Post construction treatment is recommended for the buildings where floor concrete is laid without applying Termiticide. The only way to apply the Termiticides is by injecting the Termiticide to the soil under the floor slab through a set of drilled holes on floor, closer to foundation footings (Wall-floor Junction area). This chemical will be dispersed under the floor slab and make barrier for termites. The uniformity of the chemical barrier cannot be determined and therefore there is a risk of re-infestation compared to pre construction soil treatment in this process your floor has to be drilled approximately 1.5 feet apart near the walls where necessary.
            This process is relatively more expensive than pre construction treatment since it consumes much time and chemicals. But is only remedy for this kind of situation.

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