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Commonly known as "Tar", Straight Run Bitumen is a by product coming from refinery. Two grades are supplied, as 60 / 70, 80 / 100.

    Road Ravings / Repairing & Maintenance of Existing Roa

    BITUPAVE ASPHALT COLD MIX is an environmentally friendly cold asphalt repair mix material for Potholes in roads. It is an efficient, affordable, durable and permanent material designed to repair asphalt failure and for general maintainance use to repair pot holes, cracks and broken surfeces in macadam and asphalt without the need for cutting out. It is supplied and applied cold. It needs no mixing. Simply pour out from the bag and compact. BITUPAVE can be applied to dry, damp and wet surfaces in the temperature range 10 °C to 60 °C and trafficked immediately.

      BRGS is a Bitumen Based product specifically used as a sealant / adhesive to fix polythene protective cover or plastic guard to prevent rain water falling into tapping panel in Rubber trees. The product provides sealing of the uneven bark above the tapping panel from seepage of water toward the panel and also acts as an adhesive to paste the polythene protective skirt. Use of rainguards on rubber plantations enhances the latex production by more than 30% according to the Rubber Research Institute in Sri Lanka.

        BITUMIX EMMULSIONS may be either of Anionic (Electro negatively charged Bitumen globules) or cationic (Electro positively charged Bitumen globules) depending upon the emulsifying agent and additives. Bitumen Emulsions are further divided in to three classes, depending on the stability of the emulsion when in contact with aggregate or pavement surface, I,e Rapid, medium and slow setting emulsions.
        BITUMIX (PRIVATE) LIMITED is engaged in the manufacture of under noted cationic bitumen Emulsions in accordance with the ASTM standards as per Sri Lanka requirements. • BITUMIX CRS 1 Cationic Rapid Setting 1 • BITUMIX CRS 2 Cationic Rapid Setting 2 • BITUMIX CSS 1 Cationic Rapid Setting 1 • BITUMIX ARS 1 Anionic Rapid Setting 1

          BITUMIX HOT POUR MASTIC FILLER is composed of a mixture of materials, including Oxidized Bitumen that will form a resilient and adhesive compound capable of effectively sealing joints in concrete against the infiltration of moisture and foreign material throughout repeated cycles of expansion and contraction with temperature changes.
          BITUMIX HOT POUR MASTIC FILLER is recommended for use in sealing concrete expansion joints in pavements, canal linings, bridges and other civil engineering structures.

            BITUMIX PMB


            BITUMIX PMB is a binder consisting of POLYMERIC material dispersed in Bitumen with enhanced binder performances for particular applications. Modified bitumen improves quality of road surface, reduces frequency of maintenance and expands the life time of the road surface

              BITUKOTE BW 01 can be used for damp-proofing of exterior walls exposed directly to sun / rain, bathroom floors, kitchens, courtyards; for insulation applications such as vapor barriers in cold rooms-food industry; for metal protective coating fur underground pipes, structural steel works; to seal the freshly cut timber surface to prevent excessive loss of water through the exposed surface.

                BITUKOTE RT 01 is an excellent protective coating on roof top concrete surfaces. Provides effective damp proofing and sealing of minute cracks that could cause due to weather conditions.

                  BITUMIX (PRIVATE) LIMITED is engaged in the manufacture of high quality Oxidized Bitumen, which are suitable for use in industrial and civil engineering applications.
                  Commonly stocked product is 85/25 grade. Any other grades (such as 115/15) can be supplied on request and subject to a minimum order quantity of 8000 Kg.
                  Production of each batch of Oxidized Bitumen is carried out under stringent quality control, conducting necessary tests with standard equipment

                    BITUMIX BITUMINOUS SOLUTION (BBS) is multi purpose protective coating for concrete, masonry and steel structures, steel / concrete water tanks, underground tanks, underground piping and vehicle under carriages. BBS gives a high resistance against oxidation. Adheres to clean, dry and firm surfaces giving sealing, waterproofing and anti corrosive protective properties.
                    Slightly thick black solution. Contains a proportionate mix of oxidized bitumen and organic solvents. Gives an odour of organic solvents. When dried, it is non-toxic and odourelss. Upon evaporation of the solvent it forms a continuous film with sealing, water proofing and anti corrosive protective properties.
                    Consistency Slightly thick, smooth liquid
                    Specific Gravity 0.9
                    Fire Resistance
                    Surface preparation
                    Application Coverage Drying time Cleaning of tools Storage life Storage conditions Packing

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