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Solar power generated electric supply for your homes, Apartments and Bungalows are the perfect choice with long lasting investment. Our experts will visit your place to check and design a professional solar power system that can make your monthly electricity bills to become zero. Our team of Solar experts are with much experience for perfect calculation, planning and layout of a solar panel system on your roof or on the grounds. There is no need to have a battery bank in your residential area, just get connected to the national power grid through the "Net-Meter".

We will visit your home for to check the sun light movements and your electricity usage.

Then we will suggest what kind of solar panel system will suit your needs.

    Solar power system is the best option to introduce in your commercial venture. On the long run it will reduce your electricity usage cost and it will reduce the production cost or will increase the profit every year from your business.

    Micro PC Systems the professional solar system providers in Sri Lanka. Our solar power technicians will visit your complex to check whether we can use your roof top for laying the solar PV panels or we have to use your surrounding ground area to install them. Also they will look after the areas shadow and the sun light providing area to provide you with perfect electricity supplying system for your commercial property. Your commercial property can be a factory, hospital, hotel, large cattle farm, shopping mall or super market, we will visit the site and inspect it and then will draw a plan specially designed to make your monthly electricity bill to be a zero one. If you need more electricity we will provide assistance to you to obtain it.

      2MPP Trackers on most models
      Four inverter sizes, with five option packages each.
      Tool-less DC/AC conductor termination
      ANSI C1 2.20 revenue grade meter from Veris Technologies
      Multiple communication options standard - no daughter cards required
      Wide MPP range
      Light weight

        IEEE 1547 Certified
        Approved by SEA
        1.1 KW - 30KW
        Warranty 5 - 10 years
        Special Price Available For System Integrators.

          This system can be applied to many fields including Drinking water supply for Humans and cattles in the remote areas.
          Farm Land Irrigation, Desertification controls, Swimming pools and for landscape water supply.
          This system converts the DC power from the PV array to AC power which will drive the water pumps.
          Why Solar Electric water pumping system?
          No external battery required.
          No electricity required.
          0.5 HP up to 55 HP electric motor solutions.

            Solar street lights and garden lights are provided by us. We can undertake the installation and the maintenance of the system where our expert technicians will take care of it.

            We are one of the leading solar street lamps in the rural Sri Lanka where Government electricity supply is not available. So our lighting system get charged in the day time with the sun light and the light sensors will detect the amount of light in that surrounding area and will switch on the LED bulb automatically to provide bright light to the surrounding area. So people living in these areas can move freely in these areas with the help of our solar powered street lighting system.

              AC SPD Series Surge Protector

                DC Combiner Box

                  Lockable IP66 waterproof DC and AC isolating

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