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Prasad Jothirathne

48A, 10th Milepost Road, Katuwawala, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka
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We maintain all swimming pools by a well trained experienced pool attendance and we not only vacuum and clean the pool but also have the capacity to analyze the pool water check the required parameters and introduce the necessary swimming pool chemicals to make your pool sparkling blue, at a very reasonable cost.

    If you do feel that the regular maintenance of the swimming pool is warring your self much call us, our well trained and experienced pool attendant are there to take up the burden and to release you from the strain you’re undergoing. We will step regularly and attend to your needs. We not only vacuum and clean the pool, but also we have the capability of analyzing the pool water and checking weather the parameters are at the required levels and if not bring them to the required levels by adding necessary chemicals.

      These Systems are 100% custom designed systems to assure a high level service to individuals’ changing needs. The design of these systems begin with quality of their raw water source and extends it up to their required quality of water for consumption. This process includes the steps such as Aeration, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration , Softening , Sterilization and majority of these equipment required for these processes are manufactured and tested to highest performance in our engineering workshop.

        Here also the design begins with the quality of the available raw water and the purification process take place up to the end requirement and also it can lead to the stage of ultra pure sparkling water for the processes such as for pharmaceutical industries.

          We undertake to do construction and completion of modern swimming pools for star class Hotels and Bungalows. We are capable of providing, treatment systems for

          Hotel Sewerage
          Textile Waste
          Emulsion Plant Waste
          Food Processing Waste

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            TypePrivate Company
            City Boralesgamuwa
            Address 48A, 10th Milepost Road, Katuwawala, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka