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Textile grade silicone with a thick viscosity containing heavy duty silicones. Especially formulated to provide superior all purpose lubrication and protection without the use of ozone depleting chlorinated solvents. Use on cutting tables. Also, moving parts as a water and weather barrier. Use as an electrical insulator and to prevent sticking, squeaking and freezing of doors, windows, locks and assemblies.

All purpose silicone spray
10,000 uses
High quality
High solids
Thick viscosity
Makes thing glide

    RENOVATE is highly recommended for use in industrial plants commercial complexes, printing plants, metal packers, aircraft hangars, bus terminals, machine and automotive shops, shipyards etc. Cleans marine decks, hulls and bilges quickly emulsifies oil , grease, chemicals, sludge, gasoline in bilges. RENOVATE works by effectively breaks up the molecular structures of dirt, grease, sludge, grime and floats them away without much agitation.

      FALCHEM SCALE X is a superior, heavy duty, concentrated liquid acid solution specifically designed to remove rust and water scale build-up from boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection systems, etc. FALCHEM SCALE X is characterized by the composition of high quality raw materials and the quick and effective results once applied.

        Rust-Oleum® NeverWet® is a two-step product system designed to create a moisture repelling barrier on a variety of surfaces. It is suitable for use on metal, wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt, vinyl siding, fiberglass, canvas, most plastics and more.

          Liquid waterproofing admixture for stucco and screeds used for exterior facings. ADD1 is an aqueous solution containing complex collodial silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand/cement renders, screeds and mortar to provide an effective barrier against the transmission of liquid water.

            PH 127 is a TPE based waterproofing tape, special coated knit fabric: Extension in cross direction and rigid lengthwise, thin.

            Substrate: Modified polyester knit fabric
            Coating : Thermoplastic elastomere, resistant to ageing

              PUR 500 is a solvent free, 2 components, UV resistant, transparent polyurethane coating material.

                PUMAS 600 is an highly elastic, low modulus polyurethane sealant, with good UV resistance and excellent adhesion to typical construction materials.

                PUMAS 600 is one component and cures with moisture to form a flexible sealant which can be overpainted after curing is finished. The sealant is non sagging, highly thixotropic, easy smoothing and has good workability. It is a perfect product for all types of static and dynamic expansion joints of structural members.

                  Polyurethane-based, two-component, solvent-free liquid waterproofing material. It is especially ideal for potable water tanks.

                    It is a cement based, acrylic modified, two component, full elastic waterproofing coating mortar. Liquid component is a pure elastomeric resin emulsion. Powder component is a hydraulic binder mixture of additive and filling materials.

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