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    One of the biggest problems related to ants in the home is food contamination. Ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which spreads when they crawl in pantries and across countertops h. Only a few species are known to transmit diseases, but finding any type of ant in pantry goods or inside the home is an unpleasant experience that creates nuisances.

      Cockroaches are a serious health risk in and around your home, this is due to their indiscriminate feeding sources from sewers, drains and garage areas alike, bring them in contact with diseases organisms. These include, salmonella and other organisms associated with dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Being nocturnal they are rarely seen during the day (unless the infestation is heavy) and harbour in cracks and crevices in cockroach hot spots in a home, like kitchens and laundries.

        This pest gets its name from the fact that it is usually found in close proximity to beds. That’s because bed bugs need the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive.
        Unfortunately, bed bugs can mature in about 35 days. They then live about seven to 12 months. This makes bed bug removal difficult to do without the help of a professional.

          There are many different ways homeowners may get a fly in their living space. The insects can enter houses on food products (fruit flies) or drift in through open windows and doors. They may also be attracted to and develop in decaying organic matter in drains. They can also infest dead animals in walls, attics, or other hidden places inside the home. Some species prefer to overwinter inside and are attracted to sunny parts of the home and upper floors of buildings.

            This sub sector is fairly new to the general pest control industry. The division currently provides services for warehouse treatments, mosquito control, food and post harvesting pest control, fly control, fogging and rodent control. The future focus will be on, biological/ sustainable/ green concept pest control and the expansion of the already existing "do it yourself" / easy to use products.

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