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Evaluation of concrete quality in deep foundations
· Assess the concrete quality and consistency of drilled shafts,
slurry walls, bored piles, cast –in-situ piles and other types
of concrete foundations.
· Field results are complemented by Tomography analysis

    Instrumented static pile load tests are conducted to determine
    the soil parameters in order to verify and optimize the design of
    the foundation for a structure.

      · MoistureContentofsoil
      · SpecificGravity
      · SieveAnalysis
      · IndexPropertiesofSoil
      · PeatContentTest
      · Hydrometeranalysis
      · PermeabilityTest
      · TriaxialCompressionTests
      · UniaxialCompressionTest(Bothrockandsoil)
      · UnconfinedCompressionTestoncohesivesoilsamples
      · LabCBRtest(includingmoisturedensityrelationship)
      · ProctorCompactionTest(Standard)
      · ProctorCompactionTest(Modified)
      · ConsolidationTest
      · DirectShearTest
      · Paintingdryfilmthickness(DFT)
      · TensileStrengthTestonRe-bars

        · ChlorideContent
        · SulphateContent
        · OrganicContent

          Rebound Hammer Testing (RHT)

            Pullout Testing (Soil Nail)

              Geotechnical Investigations (GI)

                DYNAMIC PILE TESTING (PDA)
                High strain dynamic load test uses for most common types of
                deep foundations. PDA provides following advantages.
                · Fast, reliable and cost effective
                · Calculate bearing capacity and assess structural integrity
                · Assess driving stress and hammer performance
                We analyze the measurements in real time using the Pile Driving
                Analyzery (PDA). Data acquired in the field is further analyzed
                with the CAPWAPy software.

                  Low strain integrity test uses pulse echo or transient response
                  methods to;
                  · Reveals potential shaft or pile defects such as major cracks,
                  necking, soil inclusions or voids
                  · May determine unknown pile lengths
                  We perform this foundation integrity test in accordance
                  with ASTM D5882-07 – Standard Test Method for Low Strain
                  Integrity Testing

                    Inclinometer can be used to detect lateral movement of soil or
                    retaining structure (D-Wall or sheet pile wall) to ensure that
                    adjacent structures have not been damaged by ground
                    movements. Inclinometer casing will be permanently installed
                    in a borehole that passes through suspected zones of

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