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Causeway Kenlux Synthetic Enamel is specially formulated and designed for all interior and exterior timber and metal applications where a gloss finish is desired. Kenlux Synthetic Enamel has high coverage, excellent opacity and is fast drying.
Excellent Washability
Excellent Coverage
Self-levelling Properties
High Gloss

    Causeway Kenlux Eggshell Paint is a oil-based paint suitable for use on interior wood and metal. It is easy to apply, washable and resistant to condensation which provides tough, even, soft eggshell finish.

      Causeway Kenlux Anti-Corrosive paint is an alkyd based synthetic paint for protection against corrosion for all types of metal surfaces. It is ideal to be used as a primer before application of Enamel paint.
      Good Adhesion.
      Anti-rust Properties.
      Excellent base for Subsequent Coatings.

        Causeway Kenlux Bright Aluminium is specially formulated enamel designed for all interior and exterior wood & metal surfaces for decorative and protective purposes. (Specially prepared for spraying)
        An alkyd based Bright Aluminum paint with anti-corrosive properties.
        Metallic Finish
        Fast Dry

          Sunny Wood care Sanding Sealer is a premium quality high solid nitro-cellulose (NC) based sanding sealer It has been specially formulated to provide a quick drying and easily sanded sealer for wood.
          High Solid
          High Build
          Excellent Sanding

            Causeway Wall Putty is recommended to apply on rough masonry surfaces to fill up cracks, dents, holes and unevenness. It is easy to sanding and help to prepare the wall as smooth and durable before painting.
            A water base Acrylic filler for filling small dents or smooth out uneven surfaces.
            Excellent applicability
            Low shrinkage
            Quick drying
            Easy sanding

              Causeway Road Marking Paint is specially formulated for marking of Road Lines. Dilute with Causeway thinner if necessary. (Solvent Base)
              Highly Durable Marking
              Excellent Adhesion
              Durability against Abrasion.
              Good Water Resistance.
              Fast Drying.
              Good Diesel fuel Resistance

                Causeway Water Proofing Sealer is a solvent based sealer which prevents alkaline and water seepage. Providing an excellent protection bond to subsequent coating. This can be applied on substrates such as concrete, cement, asbestos. brickworks, hard and soft boards. Can be top coated with Causeway Luxury Emulsion or Causeway Kenlux Enamel paints.
                Protects topcoat from Alkali attack.
                Prevent of water seepage
                Good bond to subsequent coat.
                Excellent Adhesion

                  Causeway Kenlux Floor Paint is a one component quick drying floor paint designed for household use. Ideal for use on concrete, stone, brick and wood.
                  Good Abrasion & Scrub Resistance.
                  Quick Drying.
                  Excellent Washability.
                  High opacity

                    Causeway Alkaline Resistant Wall Filler Primer is a solvent base, primer which prevents alkaline and water seepage. Providing an excellent protective bond to subsequent coat. Recommended specially for newly plastered wall.
                    Adhesion for Top Coat
                    Fast Dry

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