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Net Metering is simply a policy that enables electricity customers to connect their own on-site generation system to the utility grid and receive credits on their electricity bills for their own renewable energy generation in excess of their electricity consumption that is exported to the electricity distribution network. The term net metering refers to the fact that the meter can measure the flow of electricity in two directions and it is also known as power banking since the consumers can “bank” the power they generate within the utility system by feeding the grid when excess power is produced and consume power from the grid at a later time when their production falls below consumption. This form of energy exchange is especially useful for intermittent renewable energy technologies such as solar.

    Standalone solar power known as an off grid solar power system. Which offers a great solution for those who unable to connect to a local electricity network. They are also an option for people facing high grid connection costs, or for those who are looking to be completely power independent (The energy produced is stored in batteries and the energy system isn't connected to the utility power grid)

      With hybrid and fully-electric car use on the rise, our thoughts have turned to solar charging systems to provide green energy to this new breed of vehicle. The result: The Solar sense all-in-one carport, solar PV generator and charging point is now available to businesses and homeowners.

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        1.89 kW Solar Panel Capacity
        2 kW Solar power Inverter
        215 kWh Monthly Generation
        System price starting from

          2.835 kW Solar Panel Capacity
          3 kW Solar power Inverter
          320 kWh Monthly Generation
          System price starting from

            4.095 kW Solar Panel Capacity
            5 kW Solar power Inverter
            470 kWh Monthly Generation
            System price starting from

              5.04 kW Solar Panel Capacity
              5 kW Solar power Inverter
              575 kWh Monthly Generation
              System price starting from

                10.08 kW Solar Panel Capacity
                11 kW Solar power Inverter
                1150 kWh Monthly Generation
                System price starting from

                  Photovoltaic module manufactured with 60 high efficiency policrystalline cells
                  for grid-connected or stand-alone plants.

                    Due to the unique combination of components, the
                    high-efficiency modules from aleo solar are particularly
                    powerful. With the high efficiency, the aleo S19
                    offers maximum performance compared to the small
                    overall area required. This also means: less effort
                    and less material for installation. This increase in efficiency
                    and the long-term high energy yields of aleo
                    S19 ensure efficient operation of your photovoltaic
                    system. The quality of aleo modules is continuously
                    tested and confirmed by independent institutes. aleo
                    modules are sorted with a positive power classification.
                    The performance is guaranteed by aleo solar for
                    25 years, the product guarantee is for 10 years.

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