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Uditha Athukorala

No. 155B, John Rodrigo Mawatha, Katubedda, Moratuwa
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LKR 120.00 / Square Feet (ft2)

Two part, pre-packed, brush applied, polymer modified cementitious water proof coating. Makes tough, durable, abrasion resistant, flexible waterproof layer. Excellent adhesion allows surface to breathe and cost effective system. Coverage : 16.5m² to 25 m² per pack ( pack-18 kg. powder + 10 ltr. liquid) (depends on substrate surface)

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10.00% Discount

It is a prepacked single pack, cementitious tile adhesive which ensures excellent bond on concrete, plastered and even on ceramic and mosaic tile surface, ensures perfect water tightness, can also be used for fixing tile on tile, thixotropic mortar suitable for damp & totally submerged areas as well. Coverage :5-8 m² at 3-4 mm thickness per 25 kg. bag.

  • Origin: ROC
10.00% Discount

Low viscosity ceramic tile mortar, Prepacked, factory controlled, ensures consistent quality, excellent adhesive, easy to use, cost effective, excellent waterproofing characteristics, can also be used for fixing of acoustic and insulating board. 25 kg will cover 6-7 m² with thickness of 4 to 5 mm

  • Origin: ROC

It is a hardwearing, water resistant, cost effective grout for filling joints in exterior and interior walls, floor tiles, mosaics etc. upto 5mm width, excellent adhesion to unglazed surfaces, does not shrink when dry, low cost service life and available in differenct colors. Coverage : Approx 30 running feet per kg. with 2 mm width of joints.

  • Origin: ROC
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Is a smooth protective, decorative & anti-carbonation durable coating, allows surface to breathe with high degree of elasticity. Ideally suitable for protection of concrete structures, gives excellent bonding with concrete substrates. Coverage : 4-5m2 / kg / two coats. DFT: 200 microns.

  • Origin: ROC

Solvent free epoxy protective & decorative coating for concrete surfaces & steel tanks. It is a thixotropic coating suitable for vertical surfaces, has excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, suitable for potable water, excellent adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces and available in different colours. DFT: 400 to 500 microns/two coats. Coverage : 8-10 m2 per 5 kg pack per two coats.

  • Origin: ROC

High build and decorative solvent based chemical resistant coating for industrial floor and walls. It can be applied on damp or dry surface has excellent resistance to mild acids and chemicals, good asthetic appearance and available in different colours. Coverage : 12-14m2 per 5kg pack per two coats.

  • Origin: ROC

Protective, anti-corrosive coating for steel & reinforcement. Provides active corrosion protection of steel & reinforcement. Easy application by brush, roller or spray. Available in pre-weighted pack & has excellent bonding with rebars and concrete.

  • Origin: ROC

Is a ready to use elastomeric aqueous based textured protective, decorative anti-carbonation coating for interior and exterior surfaces with exceptional weathering characteristics. It contains special polymers and fillers and has been specially designed for the decoration and protection of concrete against attack from atmospheric carbon dioxide, airborne chlorides, acid rain, weathering etc. Ideally suitable for protection of concrete structures. Coverage : 3-4m² per kg per two coats (Recommended DFT 200 microns) depending upon the porosity of surface.

  • Origin: ROC

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